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✔ Do you need a Property to buy or to rent?

Have you ever been stressed by sourcing a perfect property for you? Have you ever been disappointed because of being taken to properties that are far from your criteria? Do you really need professional Real estate broker to assist you? If you really care your time, our team at is passionate to locate and negotiate the acquisition of suitable property for you. Finding the perfect property, whether is Land, Residential, office or other commercial purpose, it is no longer stressful or time-consuming with

Our platform is much helpful. At home page, find Search bar, fill in the criteria and budget range of the ideal property you need. The result of your search will come and you can see the details the property you are interested in. Then you can contact publisher to assist you to visit and the process of acquiring the property.

Once you don’t find any interesting property, feel free to press button at top bar “Request Property”. You will fill request form and send it to us. We review your inquiry and we let you know if we have options for you or if we are going to send our agent on site to source for you. Once you have successfully followed terms of our Brokerage service, we surely come to you with corresponding option to your inquiry.

Note that we do cooperate with other agents to make sure that our customer is fully satisfied or is not missing any chance. Therefore, I you are working with us and you think of someone else who can help, just give us his contact and we will be pleased to work with him to serve you.

It is easy to not believe us. Just try us! I am sure you will feel the joy of professional brokerage Service. Eventually, we will be happy to receive your feedback, Criticize or compliment in Customer Experience Section.

✔ Do you have a Property to sell or to let?

Whether your property is really good, with good price or it is in good location, it is obsolete to think that it will sell itself. It is not enough to put a sign post on the door or solely using unprofessional Broker. If you really mind to sell or to let your property; we are here to help. By working with us, I am sure the prospective buyer or tenant will appreciate our customer care and you will truly be pleased with our Service.

We offer Property Management Service and Brokerage Service on Exclusive contract Or Open Contract.

By Property Management, We represent you in letting your Property. Here we maintain and handle all the day-to-day activities that are centered around the property in your behalf. Property management work involves seeking out tenants to occupy the space, collecting monthly rental payment, maintaining the property, and upkeep of the grounds.

By Brokerage Service, we are given the right to work with and assist Owner to offer the property to be acquired by prospective Client. We use our effort to procure a buyer or a tenant to acquire the property at the amount acceptable to the Owner. The owner can give us Exclusive right or nonexclusive right. By Exclusive contract, we are only agent to sell or to let the property in agreed period. We market and advertise your property at maximum and we source other agents to help in your behalf. However you cooperate with us. By Open Contract, We are one of your agents who are sourcing a client for you. We advise our customer exclusive contract since we feel much concerned and responsible.

At our Platform Abahuza .com, go to the section at the top bar “Offer property”, you will be given the form to fill. Once filled, our agent will come to take your property and do the rest for you. However if you need to add it yourself on our platform, simply go to the section at top bar “Sign in/Register”. Having account here, you will be able to add properties, to manage your properties, and to manage clients interested in your properties.

✔ Why working with us?

  • ✔ Our listings provide you with much information and in-depth insight on property
  • ✔ We have enough information on our listings
  • ✔ We keep our listings updated
  • ✔ We are passionate about our work and Reliability is our value
  • ✔ We are responsive to our customer’s inquiry
  • ✔ We fight for the satisfaction of a customer who has fulfilled his/her Obligations