✔ Who we are

Abahuza.com is a Real Estate Platform designed to help people to find their ideal home, land, and commercial property.  Our listings aim at providing you with much information and in-depth insight on property.
At Abahuza.com, We are not a real estate market place, we are agent. We do assist buyers and tenants in locating and negotiating the acquisition of suitable real property. We use broker’s professional knowledge and skills to procure clients of the property at the offer acceptable to the Owner. We are competitive professionals through connecting buyers and sellers; tenants and landlord to deal in effective way for “win-win Deal”.

✔ Vision Statement

Our vision is to offer smart service with excellence and Reliable work with sustainable value, in construction and Real Estate to the global community”.

  • Smart: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely.

✔ Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide the local community and worldwide with Construction and Real Estate Services. We are passionate about free Worklife of how to be the best in what we do. We believe in Creativity and putting smart insight into practice. Reliability is our value.

✔ Our Philosophy

Frankly, we do not se ttle for anything less than Perfection, however there is a long path. Now we’re not good enough but we learn how to be the best in what we do and we admit with self-honest when we’re wrong with courage to change. We don't value how long you stay at work or how hard you work; we care about accomplishing great work. It is not just working or getting the job with us. It is about development of each other, and taking responsibility for your work is the key. You can’t have a reference or experience unless you’re given a chance of work. Just give us a chance to work for you. Reliability is our Value.

✔ Services

  • o Real estate agency and Brokerage
  • o Property Management
  • o Property Valuation
  • o  construction Project study 
  • o Application for construction permit
  • o Construction