• Commission:
  • This is compensation of Broker’s work. It is paid upon signature of lease agreement or purchase agreement.

    For Rentals, It will be equivalent to a half of one month’s rent.
    For Sales, It will be equivalent to five percent of purchase price.

  • Commitment fee/Retainer:
  • At beginning, a client pays commitment fee/retainer equal to 20 000 Rwf that will be refundable when we fully earn commission. In fact we do need to work for a client till we find a lovely property for him. Since we are committed to assist that client, we do need that insurance fee to secure our work.

    Note that when a client has paid this fee, and he finds interesting property advert from another agent, he simply contact us and We cooperate with that agent to put that property on list of property to be visited by a client. Again we check upfront to see if that property is really matching client’s criteria and we come with accurate information. Hence a client won’t pay other fee to visit a property from other agents and also saves the time.

  • Visit fee:
  • Some clients are not free to pay commitment fee/Retainer. In this case we ask a client to pay visit fee equal to 5 000 Rwf per each property to be visited. Visit fee won’t be refundable to Client in any way.