• Commission:
  • This is compensation of Broker’s work. Upon Client from broker or any connected to that Client contracts to buy or to rent your property, you fully pay commission to Broker.

    For Sales, Commission will be equivalent to five percent of purchase price.
    For Rentals, Commission will be based on lease period contracted by the client. It is equivalent to:

    • ❖ one month’s rent, if the client Signs lease contract for a period equal or greater than 6 months;
    • ❖ half rent, if lease period contracted is equal or greater than 3 months but less than 6 months;
    • ❖ Ten Percent of rent for period signed by client, if lease period contracted is less than 3 months.

  • Commitment fee/Retainer:
  • At beginning, a client pays commitment fee/retainer equal to 50 000 Rwf that will be refundable when we fully earn commission. In fact we do need to work for you till we find prospective client to your property. Since we are committed to assist you, we do need that insurance fee to secure our work. We market your property and we advertise it on our platform, real estate market places and social media.